Race ambassadors

Our Race Ambassadors are very special people. They have both become accomplished runners from quite adverse positions. They epitomise the adage that you can achieve anything in life that you unwaveringly work towards. They both get out of bed early each day and just do it. Run.

Here are their stories:-

Sarah-Jane Marshall

I was an overweight, depressed, 2 pack a day smoker. I decided to sign up at a gym and see if I could get healthy and maybe feel happier about me. I couldn't even walk for 5min on the treadmill when I started. I was beyond embarrassed but I decided I was going to stick with it.

Little did I know this was the turning point for me. With a little determination, some focus and a bit of hard work I slowly started to turn it around. At first I didn't like running, it was hard!! With small successes came confidence and then enjoyment. It wasn't a fast process but it was to be a life changing one.

I started with a 4km race and it went from there. A few years later I gave up smoking when I decided a marathon was next on my list. My dad used to say aim high...you might surprise yourself. I ran my first marathon in Sydney September 2008. My family surprised me by travelling down from Brisbane and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! I now love to run. It is something I do for me.

I was that person who rolled their eyes when people would say if I can do it you can too....with a little hard work, anyone can do it, I'm proof!! I'm an average runner but the enjoyment I get out of running is far from average!! It is totally worth every step you take!!

Anderson Moquiuti
Anderson, 37 years old, born in Brazil, 10 years go moved to Australia and 4 months later was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome (a rare neve inflammation condition which strikes between two and eight people in every 100,000).

"It put me in the wheelchairs for almost one year, had numerous doctors and physiotherapist telling me I'd never walk again, think discover the running 4 years ago was the answer for all those negative people out there, it was the ultra which gave me opportunity to finally find myself, and connect me to the world, think.

With the ultra running I discovered my love for sports and others and since my first race I've been in completely love. In the past two years I went from a 16.59, 5km PB to a 2.49 marathon, did more than 10x 50kms races, few 100kms, one 100miles and broke one course record (red rock to Coffs Harbour-45km beach run - 3:17min) think if wasn't the running id never be the "happy soul" I'm today, namaste :-)

These two runners are obviously very passionate with their running. But it can work for you in much the same way. They are there to help you. Feel free to chat with them by PM on FB".

For  photos, check their Facebook pages... Ando ... Sarah-Jane